10 things that rocked my world this week. 8.27.14


1. In a designer/stylist/bloggers life, one of the most exciting parts of a project is the photo shoot. I had my Austin apartment shot this week and it was so much fun! Seeing your hard work all together is such a fulfilling experience. Now I’m ready to move and do it all over again!

old chair

2. Grandma’s bamboo chairs. Do we all remember these babies? I have wanted these since I was about 14 years old. I was obsessed with them. My sweet grandma finally gave them to me, after a serious amount of convincing by my mom and I.

dining room

3. Ta Da! They’re finally done and beautiful as ever. So much more me than the former look. Black velvet with gold studs and glossy satin white paint. My dining room looks sensational now.

car paint

4. I wanted to show you guys a close up of the paint. Having someone lacquer them was kind of a fortune, so I turned to my dad and asked for advice on auto paint. My brother ended up having one of his guys do them for me. They used a water based white auto paint. So no fumes or smell.  At all. And the finish is fantastic. Its almost like a nice satin glossy finish with no drips just a gorgeous white color.


5. Next up, the bachelor pad I have been working on is almost ready to be shot. The dining room is looking so chic, masculine and gothic. Very 50 shades of grey. This has been such a fun project.


6. I was trying to keep my Austin bedroom very white, grey and gold but for some reason Lilac just creeps right on it. My manicure has been permanently lilac all summer so perhaps thats why. I can’t get over lilac and gold. It’s the most fun and delicious combination.


7. I’m also taking on a challenge. 30 days of making my bed in the morning. I once was told there is such power in making your bed every morning but I’m not sure that I have ever done it consistently. So, I’m going to try this challenge and see what happens in my life. Will report back on this.


8. I have really been enjoying summer. A friend of mine lives at the W Austin. I am pretty much obsessed with the pool. Also, word on the street is Kelly Wearstler did a penthouse condo. Will search for photos and blog that one for you guys. I’m dying to see it myself.


9. I was in LA for a few days this last week and I stayed at the W in Westwood. I clearly have a thing for W hotels. Anyway, the outside restaurant is so fab, you lunch with a gorgeous rock waterfall behind you. It’s like paradise.


10. I also fell in love with the Wildfox Couture showroom on Sunset. How fabulous is this little house. All blush pink with black and white stripes. Hello. If my blog was a house, this is what it would look like. So charming.


BONUS: Pardon my blogging absense. I’ve been traveling for work and I also took a seminar on powerful leadership and effective communication. I learned so much AND felt that this should be my motto for the rest of my life.

Happy Wednesday y’all! xo

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  1. really cool

  2. finally you got rid of that chinese porn site that hacked your blog! First post I can see in a while, and I love it! those bamboo chairs are great :)

  3. so you left nyc?

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