One Room Challenge Week 4 {ikea hack & DIY}

Sorry for the challenge in delay today. My server was acting up at home today, sometimes I get so frustrated with these internet companies. They can just ruin a gals day. Anyway, welcome to week 4. This week I am so excited to get some fun things moving and showing you guys what I’ve been up to. This week we’ve got a LOT of DIY’s and fun things changing up. It’s all about creating a chic vignette on literally a teeny tiny budget and making it fun & interestingly chic.

view side

There is a LOT going on here I know, so let me break it down. We all remember the inspiration, no? Well, as I hunted around, finding the exact things I wanted didn’t really work out so well so I had to improvise. Then I got inspired by a black and white striped dresser during week 3….So, I decided to stop hunting for a gorgeous antique dresser to refurbish, which upsets me because I love the quality of old pieces. I picked up the Tarva ikea dresser, because its tall and I wanted to add some height to the room. Everyone hacks ikea dressers so I thought, hey why not give it a try.(black and white stripes & chic hardware pulls) There are so many good ones, too and I wanted to do something majorly different, so I did. Here is the plan:

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 12.50.36 PM

Then it got down to business. First, I put that dang thing together which I forgot how annoying it can be. Whewf. We painted it all white, then taped up the striped sections. I did 1″ stripes because I wanted them to be very thin on the piece. After that, we screwed the pulls on (used the hole already there and just added another 3″ over which is the pull size).

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 12.52.37 PMScreen Shot 2014-04-23 at 12.57.05 PM

So there you have it….Exciting, no? Lighting is so hard to capture for me but I am in LOVE with it. Grandma just thinks its the coolest thing too. She loves to be unique. Well, originally I had thought of buying a new mirror, I love that octagonal look and I found one, but it was just too small for the space. So, last minute I went to find something much larger and decided to hit up the local thrift shops. Austin has so many amazing thrift stores, its ridiculous. I found this crazy brown wood mirror for 20$. Much larger than intended and so very unfortunate looking, but in that awesome french mirror shape that I have been obsessed with forever.


I knew I wanted to splash it with gold, so I headed over to Hobby Lobby and grabbed some antique gold leaf paint finish and lightly brushed in on to give it that used and abused look,  like a true French antique. Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 1.00.07 PM

and now…the sweet little vignette just looks so whimsical, majestic totally #moderngrannychic.


Sorry, need to clean that mirror again I guess. Shame on me. Well, the room is still ‘in progress’ so all is forgiven I hope. Oh, and I picked up these two adorable antique tables at market for a steal! $25 for the pair. Woop. Just exactly like the ones I had envisioned.


Stay tuned for the bed side next week…its gonna be soooo good. Don’t forget to check out the other ORC peeps and the amazing things they are up to.

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  1. Dang!!!!!!!!!! Totally outdid yourself. This is hot! I love the stripes and cannot imagine how long it took to tape that puppy up. Gorgeous!

  2. That Ikea hack dresser is absolutely GORGEOUS!! SO chic! And I adore the gold mirror… what a deal! So exciting to watch this glam room come together!

  3. Michele Ginnerty says:

    That Tarva hack is perfect & what a bargain find for those tables!

  4. oops, forgot to comment under my blog name – so I’ll just add that your grandmother must be so happy w/you

  5. I am in love!! You’re style is lovely and the stripes, perfect! xo Kristin

  6. I love your hack! You are one chic DIY-er. We don’t have great thrift shops in NJ, so I am majorly jealous of that. this room looks so good.

  7. Love the chest makeover….I think black and white is going to be there perfect touch for the room and score on those 2 tables!

  8. Awesome DIY! That dresser looks uber custom and I am loving the contrast in scale with that over large mirror on top. Bravo.

  9. I love how you lightly brushed on the gold. I thought it surely was a fine antique, so its a very good sub.

  10. oh wao! the DIY came out gloriously beautiful So, so chic! I really love it. And the styling is fab as well.

  11. love the dresser! super chic. cant wait to read what you do next!

  12. Damn Girl you are getting you DIY ONNN. That dresser is hot and I’m just so impressed with your granny that she “gets it.”

  13. Shut up on that ikea hack! Looks so so good! Is mrs. Bust from Hobby Lobby? I noticed one similar yesterday and am kicking myself for not snatching her up. Cant wait to see it all pulled together! xo

  14. I am really impressed by that mirror… I like a bit of DIY too, and wouldn’t give a toss if all of my furniture was from a thrift store, it’s all about being able to envision what you can do with a piece that someone has thrown away. Also, you’ve made me fall for blue again… I used to want everything blue when younger and got an overdose and have now been going for some time without even looking much at anything blue, but the old friend is making a gradual return now… Keep up the good (fabulous) work!

  15. Oh girl, you know how much I love me some black and white stripes! More please!

  16. I love this!! Awesome Hack!

  17. This is just gorgeous! Already have my ikea trip planned for next month. Too bad they don’t have one in Vegas.

  18. grEat job with the diy’s this week! The dresser looks amazing In stRipes aNd the mirror is perfect.

  19. Looks amazing! my computer wont let me type in lower case letters (LOL) but either way caps seem appropriate!

  20. Great dresser- just the striped goodness you were looking for and it's fabulous against that wall. Love the gold mirror and end tables! Good luck this week. xo Nancy

  21. Good idea,love it,very chic dresser!!!

  22. What a stunner!! Well done!

  23. I'm looking for the tape right now!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE this

  24. You are so GREAT! I have been looking for an antique/vintage dresser for our guest room, too, without luck. Now you have given me courage. Truly awesome. And I need a Louis Philippe mirror like yours for a client's dining room…so much goodness here. Have a great weekend!!!

  25. I'm dying over your striped Ikea dresser, it looks so high-end with your fabulous hardware!! Those tables were a steal, I love the details and can't wait to see them transformed! Have fun this week!

  26. daaaaang, girl. that dresser is smokin. and i do love me some gold in any space. can’t believe you scored those tables for $25!

  27. such a great Makeover! I am a sucker for black and white. Can’t wait to see how you Transform the tables.

  28. That dresser is EVerything!!!!! I’m obsessed with it actually- like really really in love and think I need one of my own!! I love that your granny loves it too!

  29. That loooks amazing! You would never guess that it’s ikea!

    Aysha x

  30. loving the modern granny chic vibe and that mirror!!!!

    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three


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    One Room Challenge Week 4 ikea hack & DIY

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