Secret of domestic bliss: fragrance in the home

fall frangrances2

Through the blog, I always talk about decorating in style, inspired design, etc. However, if you know me at all personally then you know how important fragrance is to me. I am all about fragrances for everything. I have signature perfumes for each season, special perfumes for my sheets and linens, and separate ones for my lingerie drawers. I have favorite scents for the bathroom, bedroom, living area, office area. I’m sure I sound a little too much, but there is nothing like smelling good. Smells always come with memories for me, too, so I enjoy making each and every environment have that effect. So, I wanted to share my two favorites for fall.

glade honey comb

I recently got a package from Glade filled with tons of goodies and fragrances for the fall season. I fell so hard for this chic little gold fragrance spray. It’s called Sense & Spray, I use the fragrance Cashmere Woods for fall and its perfect. I am obsessed, every time I walk in my front door it senses me and gives a little spray. I also put one in my bathroom, and every time I walk in, it gives a spray of Fresh Linen. It has got to be one of the best inventions in forever. It keeps my place feeling fresh & clean at all times.

Also currently on my desk is Archipelago Black Forest. I am absolutely obsessed with this candle! For fall, it is such a great scent. Word on the streets is Rhianna demands this candle in her dressing rooms. It’s really that good. I’m thinking about getting the Archipelago Black Forest diffuser, too because I always love to have at least 1 diffuser going in my home at a time. Gotta do it right.

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  1. Candles are the absolute best! So sexy and they make the house look so cozy!

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