10 things that rocked my world this week…September 28


1. It was beyond an honor to have been named on of Rue Magazines “Top designers to watch in 2014″. I love how they featured my teeny little NYC apartment…Pretty exciting stuff.


2. This was probably my favorite shot from the shoot. I am so in love with my dark dining room area…


3. I’ve been in Austin all week doing some new things. A little bit of work, some meetings, research, checking out the design community around here and getting in as much of this gorgeous Austin scenery as possible.


4. I don’t think ever, in all of my life, have I seen a sofa with such sweet lines. I mean, this beauty is beyond incredible.


5. I love Spain. Especially Spanish cuisine and Barlata is my favorite spot for it in Austin. I got to attend a pretty fabulous tasting of Spanish wines, was such fun for me…


6. While shopping at Target, I found this amazingly chic pink little number. Where have I been, Target decor is pretty killer.


7. I am clearly into this pink abstract vibe, so when I spotted this artwork I knew it would go perfectly in the room as that chic little cocktail table.


8. I am also a huge fan of Thai food. I have fallen hard for Sway in Austin. The vibe is so cool and the decor is pretty interesting as well.


9. There is something so comfortable about worn in leather. I just love the mood…masculine chic.


10. While in Austin, I always pick up on the natural decor vibe. A little earthy, chic, modern and always stylish. This little dinner party look at West Elm is perfect. Wanting to recreate this vibe for dinner a party tonight.

Happy weekend!

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  1. My my do I agree about that sofa! If I’ll ever have the money, I’ll probably have to have one just like it custom-made for me :D


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