My time in Madrid…aka La Decorista

While I was away in Madrid, I really tried to take some time away and refresh. After reading this post, I knew getting out of town would be the best thing for me. I needed to get away, see new things and become re-inspired. So, while I was in Madrid, visiting family, I did just that…

I mean, the second I got there I was blown away by the design. The airport was out of hand amazing. Photos cannot capture the bad-ass-ness of this place. I was madly in love with it. Shortly after, the first little spot we went to eat was so stylish and on point. Throwing little furs on the chairs to keep you warm. What?!? I loved it. 
 Every where in this town has serious style. Take for example, this art store. It was in an old school pharmacy with walls of drawers and it was incredible. All of the restaurants had the most interesting light fixtures, too. Speaking of restaurants to not talk about the food in Madrid would be a disservice to this city. The food was absolutely incredible. I ate so many amazing things, I just was blown away. So blown away, in fact, that I forgot to take photos…oops!
 This was one of my favorite restaurants, La Manuelo. The style was very art nouveau whimsical and just very, very cool. Stone walls, black and white striped curtains, curvy accents, metal elements, feather lights and gorgeous spanish tile. 
Obviously, the architecture in downtown Madrid was beyond breathtaking. 

Not surprisingly, I took pictures of all the doors in the city. The moldings and the woods were so gorgeous. Not to mention the door knockers. They were almost always in gold or brass + all the lions just stole the show.
My favorite part of Madrid was el Rastro. We went shopping for antiques all day on Sunday. Everything  was insanely good. 
How cool are these Paris letters?
I am seriously considering putting a cat in my home, and some religious paraphernalia too.
 This one store had a collection of suns that was out of this world. So in love.
All in all I had a wonderful time, resting, recharging and relaxing. But, now, its back to business. 
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  1. please tell me you bought that egyptian-looking kitty cat!!?? looks amazing, spain is so next on my list! glad you’re back my love! xo

  2. looks amazing, sweetie- glad you had fun.

    and a cat in the home, whether real or a staue is a MUST. (or at least some trademarked decorista leopard print).

    counting days until i see you at #hpmkt. xo.

  3. Looks amazing! We went to Madrid a few years ago. Took a quick trip to Paris too. Loved the flea Markets. Going for our 25th anniversary in August. Nothing like going AWAY to refresh and renew!

  4. Love your photos. I would love to take a vacay and get inspired like this post.

  5. wow…will put Madrid on my to visit list for sure

  6. Beautiful review of my city, thank you! :)

  7. That restaurant is really beautiful. I don’t know why but I like religious paraphernalia… And all the mirrors of the last photo, so beautiful!

  8. So fun to see your pics. Oooo I want that tiger! He is even cuter than the leopard you posted a while back. Madrid is on my must visit list too. Glad you had such a great time!


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