office space of the day…wide open windows

pink rug + chrome chairs + gold accent desk + champagne bucket + fiddle leaf tree + open windows =
domestic bliss
Big open windows are essential during the summertime. There is nothing quite like fresh air and bright sunshine to make the days sweeter. Oh, how I want to live in a penthouse apartment with floor to ceiling windows. daydreaming
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  1. i need those chairs with the chrome in the 2 pics – TO DIE FOR!

  2. ok that second picture is amazing!!!! i would live in that room! :)

  3. Brilliant! Cool page indeed.

  4. I like this decor very much…From the chairs to the small accessories…Bravo!!!

  5. OBSESSED with each and every picture! How luxurious x

    Stephanie in Style
    Stephanie in Style

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  7. That office is amazing! I love the way the pink rug plays against the chairs. The light fixtures also work really well in the space.

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