10 things that rocked my world this week…May 12

1. It’s mothers day week and all week I have been loving sending my mom sweet notes. I have just been in such a grateful state all week for everything that moms are. This art print totally remind me of my mom and I…we both love us some animal print.

2. Saw this shirt at American Apparel on my walk home one day. I just love it and hello, New York is SO for lovers…
3. I fell super hard for this handsome guy. Would make for the most fab outdoor side table if only I had a very large terrace. 
4. I see crystals all the time used in the home. When I saw this black crystal, my heart just melted. 
5. I feel like the summer has already begun. Attended a fabulous fashion party at the Empire Hotel. 
I love this place. It so reminds me of my affections for good ol’ Chuck Bass.
6. I received this amazing tea as a special gift from Paris and oh my goodness…I am in love. It’s oh so yummy! 
7. I am so in love with my new pillow from IvyandPiper home has brought such a brightness to my apartment. I am loving the splash of color! 
8. As we all know I love to daydream…this flooring in this cute little workspace absolutely blew me away. How chic is that? Thinking I need that wallpaper, stat.
9. Speaking of daydreaming…I am seriously wishing that I lived here. Hello Windsor Smith prettiness.
10. Last but not least…my favorite picture of my mom and her bestie in the 70′s. Such a cool shot. 
HAPPY  MOTHERS DAY MOMMY + to all the amazing, wonderful moms around the world! 
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Love the mother/daughter print..I clicked through and it is not on the HD Buttercup site. Can you tell me where you found it? THX

  2. I love animal print too. And I love those rings. Great post, Ash…
    come on over and enter my 2 giveaways…

  3. Loving this so much :) you made me wanna post pics of my mumma, circa 1970 too… Our mums are so much cooler than we are!
    Loving the blog too – especially the recent post on Beirut! xxx

  4. nice blog

  5. That tea looks delicious and the packaging is so cute! I want it.
    Love the 70s pic – women in the 70s were so onto it! And is that a big camera in her hand?? Awesome

  6. Love that photo of your mom and her friend from the 70′s! Your ears must have been burning this week. I was with artist, Kerri Rosenthal, who told me you are one of her daily reads and that she saw her daughter, ally, and her art on your blog. So fun.

    Have a wonderful weekend!
    do, Elizabeth

  7. The camel table is so cute! Have a great weekend!!


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