5 ways to achieve domestic bliss…

Just the other day I got an interview questionnaire and as I was filling it out there was one question that got to me. It asked me what is the purpose behind what I do.
Oddly, enough I had to think about it for a minute because my first instinct was to talk about how I want to make the world a more beautiful place. That answer didn’t really sit right in my heart and then I realized that what I am most passionate about is the home. 
Your home is your sanctuary and I love the feeling of loving my home, I feel so awesome at the end of the day coming home to my special space. My purpose is to help other people have that same feeling about where they live…you know, the art of domestic bliss….

1. Don’t take your decor seriously…add elements of whimsy to your home by introducing random things that you love. Like this funky bird on the console. If you love it, every time you enter your home, it will make you smile! 
2. Make your bed every morning. Studies have shown that you will have more power and energy to attack your day if your bed is tidy. 
3.Get organized. I know the messy decor looks better in photos but in real life it is essential to keep your things tidy. It will make for a happier day and you will have a much more fun time getting ready if you know where everything is.
4. Keep your favorite fragrances going at all times. Light candles, use reed diffusers or put scented sachets in drawers. 
5. Create a special place for you to unwind, relax and read a good book. 
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  1. great inspirations!
    xo, Tina

  2. Great photos! Totally agree with you about adding a touch of whimsy to a room. We`ve got cheeky little things sprinkled around our house, from a little brass mouse statue to a chic hat on a corner of a not often used chair. Just makes me smile looking at the little bits of fun. I especially love the dish in the last photo.


  3. I love this post, all the things you mentioned are such simple ideas but completely ring true. At least in my case. Once in a blue moon I have to race out of the house and don’t have time to make the bed. When I come back I can’t even stand to walk into my room and look at it. I also recently organized my “getting ready” area and it definitely makes a HUGE difference! And the thing you said about having favourite scents going at all times is very important. I love walking into my house and smelling something great immediately, it just puts you in a good mood and relaxes you upon arrival. When things are in order it makes me a lot happier. Our home is our sanctuary so the smallest details always count!


  4. I will have to try #2 because every time I see a messy bed I just want to curl up in it.


  5. Great tips! I try to use them all in my home!

  6. I want that purple, striped armchair!!! :D

  7. Love the black walls, so chic!



  8. So nice

  9. it’s my purpose too…

  10. I love love love your blog! It’s the best source of inspiration for me.
    It’s amazing how creative and innovative you are, I’m a big fan of yours!
    Lots of love from Germany,

  11. Just found you on Bloglovin’ today! I love your blog and your heartfelt response to the question you were asked. Lovely photos, too!

    I look forward to checking out more of your blog!


  12. What a great post, thanks for the inspiration!

  13. I love the black & white doors!!! Just can’t go wrong with black & white, EVER!

  14. Your note about passion really gave me pause to think. My mother and sister will often question my motivation behind the creative things I do. Although their thoughts are well intentioned, it is difficult giving them answers that satisfy their expectations for me, while remaining true to my heart. The way that you summarize purpose and passion is beautifully said.

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