office space of the day…the right mix

Things are going swimmingly in Dallas. The VandM event was a smash (read a bit about it here).
The wonderful people of ID collection, Dwell with Dignity and Pulp Design Studios were amazing co-creators of the soiree. Thanks to all who were involved.
Which brings me to this office space. It’s sexy, chic and modern, with a dash of vintage…
very evident of what vibe Dallas has going on right now. love it.
White walls + glossy black desk + sexy arm chair + chrome chandelier + edgy art =
domestic bliss

{image via belle vivir.} 

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  1. Beautiful!

  2. Beauty, brains and blogging…YES!! ;) That’s my favorite all week! Hope you’re enjoying TEXAS!


  3. I’d like some cool art in my office!

  4. Love that chandelier!!!

    Tamara Nicole

  5. This room is totally chic. I would love to sit back in that hair and read a book.

  6. its a beautiful space i could see myself working here

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