office space of the day…Ashley Stark’s home office

pretty teal wallpaper + acrylic chair + grandma’s vintage desk + hot pink skull {love}=
domestic bliss

Ashley Stark’s bedroom desk area literally has had me swooning for days. The color of the walls, the white fur rug, the antique desk, the chair…EVERYTHING. Oh, and we all know my love of skulls at the moment.

While I love my plain white desk chair…I must say that I am really loving acrylic chairs in the office.
For some reason, I think I really must have one. I really enjoy the way the mix looks against colored furniture. It really just lets the beauty of the desk breathe and not be weighed down by a distracting finish or fabric.
or a pair of them looks great as well…
this yellow number is pretty adorable too…
{images via elle decordecorpad}
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  1. I have an acrylic ghost chair in a little office nook and I LOVE it! I love that it adds such a unique texture to the space and that it doesn’t hold any visual weight, I’m attaching a link so that you can take a look :) Thanks for the awesome inspiration!

  2. Those offices are HOT!!!

  3. yeah I still am not tired of the lucite furniture especially when paired with mirrored furniture…

  4. I love this feature, I’ve just been moving everything around in mine, antique desk + zebra rug = girl heaven.

  5. very very cute! i am def loving this look

  6. Oh gorgeous! I don’t know where to cast my eyes first, the rug, the ring picture, the pink skull… the list goes on! I love this space, and to think of the dim space I call my own home office! I need to get reinventing!

    :) Hazel

  7. What a beautiful office!


  8. so obsessed by these office spaces and all the lucite. I still wonder if those lucite chairs are comfortable..?

  9. How I do love a lucite office chair…all of these rooms are gorgeous!

  10. I love glamorous home offices! That first one is fabulous!!

  11. YUM. I love how fresh acrylic looks against wood…

  12. Omg so warm,clean and chic! Love it!


  13. Lovely photographs. Can be used to inspire everyone!

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