office space of the day…simply fashionable

bright white walls + pretty white doggie + solid flooring + amazing lighting + perfect artwork=
domestic bliss

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  1. stunning!!! i would LOVE to work in a place liek that!

    xoxo from rome

  2. The space is beautiful but I want a dog just like this one!!

  3. Love this image Ashlina, Sinead

  4. That’s a dream space! And it that a terrace outside the black windows? I want to live there!

  5. Ohh I love this. I would get so much work done in an office like this, as well as be inspired. xox

  6. That dog makes the space! Chic design…I love it!

  7. Simply loved the image!

  8. i love the floors. the dirt and grime of the floors feels like a perfect reminder to do work and as a counterpart to the perfect crispness from the lack of color in the rest of the space

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