office space of the day…i’ll never tire of a dash of pink

As I have been working on my e-book and spending hours at my desk…my need for the perfect office space is growing more and more. Unfortunately, I don’t have that much space in my teeny apartment but I am going to see what I can do, it’s a process. What I do know is that I  might have to add a little pink.
white walls + chic lighting + gorgeous seating + beautiful view + hints of pink =
domestic bliss
I love these offices with hints of pink…

1)unknown 2) beachcottagelove 3)unknown 4)havenandhome 5)bhoome

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  1. Yeah, my office would NEVER stay that neat. Does this person not own stacks of paper?!

  2. Love a dash of pink! I just finished decorating my college apartment and in my room I figured a little pink would be cute. It ended up being a good amount of pink, but still really chic.

  3. love the first office the mosy. gorgeous!

  4. gorgeous photos, I’m working on my office space now too so I’m loving the inspiration!

  5. WOW LOVE THIS! I’m in the process of redoing my office, makes me want to throw some pink in :) I chose to paint my walls black and do the office in camel, gold, and black…

    You should show us a picture of what your office looks like! I would love to see it :)

  6. maybe a dash of pink would help me get my work done!

  7. Some of these are more than just a dash! Loving the first one – warm and inviting, but also practical.

  8. These are all super cute!

  9. How fun is that circus poster.Love it.

  10. I must admit that these are amazing :)
    Most of al I love the first :)

  11. The top photograph is an amazing office space. Of course – it helps if your office has french doors opening onto a lovely garden.

    If only we were all so lucky!

  12. I used that top pic in a post about workspaces somewhat recently and I think I used it as my first pic too. Not quite sure why, but something about the space speaks to me. The natural light, the inspiration board…I don’t know exactly but I love it.

  13. I was absolutely certain that the first photo is by Ditte Isager. But I’ve googled lots of imaginative combinations including her name but with no luck.
    I posted it on my Tumblr in September 2009 – back then it came from Decor8. I must admit I soon gave up trying to find out where she got it from. :-)

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