secret of domestic bliss #54…glossy black doors

The decorating of my new apartment is coming along rather quickly. Its amazing what a girl can get done when she is on a mission. One of the first things I had to change was the inside of my front door. I have always longed for glossy black doors inside a home, and I finally made it happen for myself. 
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There is nothing more chic than gorgeous, dark and glossy black paint. Do not hesitate to add a little chic to your world with a gorgeous black door, especially if the finishes on the knobs are gold or brass. So very stylish. 

Don’t you just want to walk into this???? This photo inspired my own door. love! 

1) Ashlina The Decorista 2) decorpad 3)nate berkus 4)martha stewart living 5+6)mfamb

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  1. I am so glad I went with black interior doors in our new home, it adds so much to all of the white, wood, & marble we have going on!

  2. I love it!! WANT SEE MORE!

  3. I love black doors! ♥
    you can also follow me on Twitter! :) @angelieeee

  4. Ashlina I love it! very elegant, striking, sophisticated!


    Art by Karena

  5. I have been thinking long and hard about painting the back of my front door black! I love the idea but am nervous about doing it. The hubs and I live in a highrise condo and we have been discussing painting all our our interior doors black.

  6. love glossy black doors and moulding!!!

  7. Such lovely pictures, and I love the black door.
    hugs~~~ Daphne

  8. Agreed! I also think they can make a hollow core door look like it is solid heavy door. amazing what black can do! M.

  9. I love the look of black doors and started with the inside of my front door.. Now I want to do the rest, but my hubs doesn’t think we should do it since we are putting it on the market within the next 3-4 years.. Any thoughts on what buyers would think? Especially if they’re not up on the trends of Interior Decorating??

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