Wallcolor Wednesday…working with white

As I am still on the hunt for the perfect place to live in NYC, I keep running into to the realization that so many people here have to rent. The biggest downside to renting is the possibility that you are stuck working with white walls. Don’t fret my pets, there is always a way around white walls and surprisingly you can still have a very chic space. Here, I will share with you my room inspirations with white walls. I must say, I am rather quickly falling for the charm.


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  1. White walls are so hot right now…of course there is always the painted accent wall….

  2. I’ve had white walls for the past 6 years in my nyc rentals and I know the feeling yet it is do-able! I was beyond excited that the new apartment that I moved into last summer let me paint my walls whatever color I pleased! Hello color!

    Best of luck in your search! Any particular neighborhood that you are targeting?

  3. I am starting to love white walls with vibrant color in the accessories. So fresh!

  4. That second photo with the pink cutains made my heart beat a little faster! HEAVEN!
    Have a pretty day!

  5. I love white spaces with just one colored wall! These images are really inspiring! Good Luck Ashlina, hope you find the perfect place to live soon! XoXo

  6. totally agree :-)

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