How to decorate like a graphic designer…

Absolutely into the look of this home, it’s a super gorgeous feature from Real Living Magazine. It really inspires me to see the homes of incredibly artistic and creative people. Ashley Haley is no exception, in her home she uses black, whites, nudes, and a mix of fun prints solid colors are big furniture. I love her how everything in the home has such a cool and hip graphic twist. She has really done of great job of pairing high’s and low’s, something not every gal can do. I guess graphic designers can have mad style too! 


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  1. I love her style! That mantel arrangement makes me want to go shopping :)

  2. I’m all about High Contrast! Love these rooms.

  3. I adore black and white decorating. My favorite.

  4. i love the sisal rug and the blinds, and all the earthy details, I love this house actually!

  5. LOVE the black and white look. The home looks so simple and beautiful but, most importantly, actually looks like a home where people LIVE- not like some homes that look completely unrealistic for a real home!


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