secret of domestic bliss #46… how to introduce your home to green

Because it’s St. Patrick’s Day, a super fun holiday, I had to figure out how to incorporate some green into my space here in the city. Oddly, I have no green accessories here. I then had a genius idea that a great way to incorporate a little green into your home for the holiday is by decorating with plants….hello! 
Greenery is fabulous in the home, both real and fake can do the trick. I just love the look of lush plants, especially succulents. I have a super crush on those beautiful earthly things. The perfect accessories for spring.

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  1. I am loving all the Green inspired posts for Saint Patrick’s Day in the blogging world today! I adore the comforter in the last picture and all the plants throughout.

  2. God morning, Ashlina!

    You’ve made great points on this post! Good job!

    Have a HAPPY PATRICK’S DAY!!! :-)


    Luciane at

  3. Ashlina I am going to add more greenery this spring, I love the fiddle leaf palms!

    A “Green” Gift is on my site…just in time for spring! Come and Enter!

    Art by Karena

  4. Love these pictures of incorporating plants into your home! I am always drawn to flowers, but could definitely use some plants-they are necessary for feng shui as well :)

  5. Beautiful post! You’re right, a plant is sometimes the perfect amount of color and freshness a space needs! Unfortunately, I’m a plant killer:( I bought two succulents recently and they’re still doing well, hopefully they are the perfect plant for me…we’ll see:) We’re using the wallpaper in the last image for a nursery we’re designing!

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