art + room: the importance of art

the magic formula for any well decorated room:
beautifully colored walls + bright, lovely accessories + fabulous furniture + amazing artwork=
domestic bliss

rue. highgloss. lonny

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  1. I could not agree with you more!

  2. I love that table in the 2nd pic, and I LOVE that painting in the 3rd pic!

  3. Love that shot of Jamie’s room from Furbish/I Suwanee! She’s a pro at layering.

  4. So very true Ashlina!! Great examples.

    Art by Karena

  5. Anonymous says:

    do you have the names of the artists for the paintings shown?


  6. I totally love that first picture. Instead of the red walls being overpowering, they blend in with the space, and the artwork acts as a focal point. Gorgeous!

  7. I totally agree, great artwork really helps to bring a room to life. I’m loving the pictures you posted.

  8. Great post. The ‘love’ pillow in the first picture is too cute.

  9. so delish- I love all that color!

  10. Art always makes or breaks a space in my opinion- if I see a room with great vibrant art, I invariably am drawn to it.

  11. I especially love the first room! It just looks so cozy and comfortable – would be great to live in there! :)

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