3 reasons why I LOVE being a blogger

1. Getting mentioned as inspiration for new bloggers and why they started. Thanks Ana! 
2. Having a junior designer at Studio M include me in her bio as her inspiration! So sweet.

3. knowing that your creative counterparts (like jaime at ISUWANNE) are on the same page.
lets me know i am not the only one with fantastic obsessions like this…

(nothing gets me going like gorgeous metallic wallpaper)
hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

oh and this…

something to get excited about!

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  1. That’s awesome! Your blog is wonderful, you inspire many of us on a daily basis:) xo

  2. You are right! Blogging is a great way to share inspiration and be inspired as well as inspiring others : )

    We are recent bloggers and just love it and love your blog!

    Have a fab weekend!

  3. I feel you. I’ve just started but the first few comments & emails from strangers telling me a blog post inspired them or a post was very helpful really validated everything.

    Wishing you continued success.

  4. You forgot to mention cause you met me!!!

    MWA! Cant wait to see your studio site!

  5. I just picked up 15 rolls of Neisha Crossland’s Zebra paper in metallic vanilla gold – so I have to agree!

  6. You inspire me to move to a space that allows me to wallpaper and paint.

  7. Lots of excitement! COngrats on it all you deserve it:-)

  8. I love all the shared inspiration! I have a new blog and a Jill Malek metallic wallcovering. It’s fun to be in the “company” of so many kindred spirits!

    Looks like you have a new venture brewing. Good luck to ya!


  9. aw how lovely are the first two reasons? :) blogging really is amazing isnt it connects you to so many people and ideas, and constantly gives you inspiration! :D x

  10. You are definitely my inspiration to make my home look more beautiful… Thank you for the fabulous posts! Each week I post 5 of my favorite things for that week… And this week on of them is YOU :)
    If you want to check it out you can do to http://jakeandcorinne.blogspot.com/2011/02/friday-faves_25.html.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  11. Looove the Wallpaper!

  12. How flattering for someone to say you’re an inspiration to them!! I don’t blame her for saying it though! ;)
    You have just the right eye for choosing great rooms, themes and overall content!

    And YUMMY..I’m right there with ya on metallic wallpaper!!

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