secret of domestic bliss #36… marvelously decorated bookshelves

Nothing says pedigree better than a finely decorated and well stocked bookcase.
It gives the opportunity for people like me, who love looking at people’s digs, an idea of who they are,
what you enjoy reading & what your interests are.
It says so much about you!
If you don’t read at all, it is most certainly proper to showcase your fabulous dishware.
Whatever you fill your bookshelves with, make sure they are treasures that you are in love with.
(I’m just crazy for the ones above lined in black, simply gorgeous!)
I have always been inspired by the bookcase in Olivia Wilde’s home. I love her style.
I just love the unexpected objects and typewriter as accessories.

It’s brilliant to accessorize with vintage book collections, the colors are usually simlar.

When you can, I always suggest grouping in colors…it’s such a sharp looking effect.

I also am a huge believer in strategically placing fabulous artwork, it can give your bookcase extreme personality.


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  1. LOVE! I think we are going to purchase book selves from Ballard Designs :D

    Last day to enter “Tea Time” Print Giveaway-Come on Over and Check it Out!

  2. I love the look that grouping in colours gives – very striking.

  3. Some of my favourites! I adore the room with the pink velvet settee and pink books the most- love love. I also really like the modern one with the red artwork on top- very cool! And of course, the Albert Hadley Fireworks chairs are divine.

  4. i LOVE bookcases and books and shelves…love them all.

    and oliva wilde is gorgeous.

  5. I’m looking for inspiration for my study at the moment and grouping books by colour is genius!

    Thanks so much for the inspiration!

    Rachie xo

  6. Why are bookshelves such a challenge. I love the ones in the first image – so tailored!

  7. Love books and bookshelves of any sort. No matter how humble the shelf, books just add to it instantly. i always used to group my Penguins together because of the orange spines they used to have

  8. I love this post because I love books! And boy do they look great grouped in bold colors, how fab!
    Nancy xo

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