tuesday tablescapes….dining by candlelight

While I have candles on the mind today, here are some oh so lovely 
candlelight tablescapes that will delight your imagination.
No matter how elaborate or what style you choose to make your table setting, 
the right amount of candlelight can make the mood oh so perfect. 

images courtesy of…
absolutely beautiful things , unknown, brightbazaar 
cutepinkstuff, betweennapshipmarrakech, artstar, preston bailey

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  1. Hi Ashlina – gorgeous! I am a real stickler for candles, so if we have sunday lunch with the kids they always get to light a candle for the table. If we ever have people for dinner, it’s candlelight all the way. I like it; it’s old fashioned! Louise x

  2. The wine bottle/candle-holder idea is fantastic!! Thanks for sharing the beautiful pics!

  3. Are those candles in a bird cage? Gorgeous!! xo

  4. Candles, candles and more candles. It’s really nice when you can eat, or just sit and talk by candlelight. I really like the wine bottle idea for outdoors

  5. LOVELY! Ahh- orchids and roses! Tablescapes are fabulous!


  6. Oy!! These are SOOOO amazing. I love candlelight.. especially on a warm summer evening! It doesn’t get any better-


  7. romantic! Im going to bed now thinking of that second image!! precious!!

  8. #4 is so amazing… and romantic!

  9. Some great and gorgeous ideas, Ashlina. There’s something about the second picture though — it’s so lovely and charming in all its simplicity.

  10. candles just make everything better!

  11. Yes please! I like them all but I especially like those clear wine bottles all in a row. Gorgeous!

  12. My favorite looks you feature are the ones that are easily achievable … For that reason, I’m loving the second photo, and the idea of using wine bottles as candleholders is simply genius. Beautiful selection!

  13. Yikes girl, these are all so good. My faves are the fourth one (it was on the Dec cover of Elle Decoration in the UK last year – amaze) and the eighth set-up is stunning. Such romantic lighting. LOVE.

  14. You are soooo right. Candle light makes all of the difference.

    - The Tablescaper

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