tablescape tuesday: setting the table with colorful whimsy

At the moment bold and bright colors are striking me as they are total attention getters!
These lovely table settings are something you will not want to take your eyes away from.
Mixing and matching very bold hues are enticing and the perfect addition to your ‘almost summer’ soiree.

images courtesy of…
oh joy
miles redd
preston bailey

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  1. Ashlina, this is soooo up my alley. I love using colorful tablescapes in my home, These are all inspiring!! Kathysue

  2. Love the first picture and the black and yellow setting. Such great ideas sweetie!

  3. I’m as of now obsessing over that first picture… wouldn’t it feel like living in a candy land… so yummy and sweet!

  4. such great floral designs! I love the colors!

  5. Fabulous, as always. Adore the first one–did you notice the pink Target wallpaper in the background? For me that would be like a constant subliminal message telling me to go buy some more goodies at Target. :)

  6. Love all these great tablescapes…I especially love the tablecloth in the last pic :)

  7. That whole first room is WAY too bright…

    I went to an amazing party this weekend and stole some flowers…

  8. ummmm… this is gorgeous. I’m dying to have a dinner party so I can set the table!! I’m a horrible cook, so hopefully my beautiful tablescape will make up for the food :)
    XO fallon

  9. Ooh, these are all gorgeous, but I’m LOVING the coral in the fourth pic! K xx

  10. Ooohh…I wish I had more excuses to throw dinner parties so I can go all out like this!

  11. This is divine. Thanks for sharing such loveliness.xx

  12. Love, love, love it!!! Tablescape Tuesdays are my favourites!

    Kristin :)

  13. OMGOSH! Setting the table with little Foo Dogs! Too cute, love it!!!

  14. You know that this is TOTALLY ME. I am colour’s (especially brights) biggest fan. Fab post hun x

  15. FABULOUS!!!!

    My favourite is the first one….loving the green and pink flowers and the different coloured chairs….so cheerful and bright :)


  16. That first table is INCREDIBLEEEEEE ugh why do I have to live with a boy…I am craving pink and girly girly girly color EVERYWHERE

  17. i just got so much wedding inspiration from this- LOVE IT

  18. love all the colors esp that second blue table scape! yummy! ;-)

  19. just saw this and had to comment this looks like Palm Beach meets Alice in Wonderland…suzanne

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