SIX TO BLISS: the alison + gail edition

Who: Gail + Alison
Where: Studio City, CA
What: the gorgeous mother/daughter duo of the incredibly gorgeous blog Frou Frou Fashionista and owners of the adorable + extremely well decorated lingere boutique Faire Frou Frou 
In honor of Mothers Day, today I wanted to showcase this amazing mother/daughter team who are as delightful as their blog and their endless lingerie inspiration just radiates all things femme. I am kind of obsessed!
And how could I not support my local LA ladies?
It is such an honor to be part of Ashlina’s Six to Bliss series…we just love her blog and it’s almost as though she is channeling our taste in every post she does. The following are 6 things that make my life filled with bliss (in no particular order):

1. A sunny, light-filled room is so important to me…I even make sure my boutique is cheerful and bright at all times. Perhaps I’m solar-powered, but I love natural light and light surfaces & mirrors to enhance the effect.

the white painted floors in my bedroom (& my feet!)

I painted the floors in my house white, and also recently had the floors in my store painted a high-gloss white just like this. The shine on the floor makes the room that much brighter!

2. A lovely fragrance goes a long way. I have a slight obsession with Diptyque products, especially the ‘Roses’ room spray. I use it almost daily in my home, and also have my Diptyque candles that are perfection.

3. Fresh-cut flowers elevate the mood of the room and make a space complete. I really make an effort to have fresh flowers in the house throughout the year, and of course peonies are my favorite. Here’s a display I photographed in an antique urn that I absolutely love.

peonies & roses on my dining room table…

roses on my living room table…

white tea roses on my bedroom dresser…

Fresh-cut roses in my bathroom…yes, I need my flowers in most of the rooms!

4. Coming home to a pet that you love. Here is Chickie, my pomeranian. She’s one of my 2 dogs and 4 cats…yes, I have a pet adoption addiction! Sometimes there’s nothing better than seeing that sweet little face after a long day.

our Shiba Inu, Nicky (in bed with a fake yellow chick)

our cat Riley, on my sheepskin rug
5. Books. I treasure my books…I’m one of those people who doesn’t even loan books to friends because I don’t want to lose them! I’m so proud of the collection that I’ve read, and excited about the collection I will someday read. I love ending my day with a good book, so displaying something that I enjoy only makes sense. Even if you don’t enjoy reading, they sure make wonderful home accents!

image above via Douglas Friedman

6. Sweets! Anyone who knows me knows about my sweet tooth, and the running joke in my family is that my house is like a bakery (basically it’s a place to avoid if you’re on a diet). I don’t cook, but I certainly do bake! Pretty much not a week goes by when I’m not making cookies, brownies, a cake, etc. I’m all about comfort food!

images via Martha Stewart

 Thank you so much gorgeous ladies for your awesome support + lovely secrets of domestic bliss. XO
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  1. Love those high gloss white floors! And if that bottle of St. Germain is on her bedside table, I want to be her best pal

  2. They are so cute! I didn’t know their store I will make sure to check their website ^_^

    And the white floor: stunning!

  3. Great list!!! Love this series, so many great “blisses” :)


    ps – we just launched the fabulously chic giveaway today ;)

  4. She sounds like a lady after my own heart. Love all of the images, Kathysue

  5. very good post
    and aaaw the little pomeranian is soo cute!!

  6. yay! i’m so glad the post is up! thank you again for including us…your blog is always an inspiration. ;-)
    xoxo alison

  7. Love all these. And so happy to meet you. This is my dream, to some day work with my daughters. Must check out your blog. I’m just down the road–okay the 101. So I have to come in and see your shop. My husband will thank me.

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