secret to domestic bliss #11 …get geometric

We all know it’s all about the accessories, right?
Something I am really loving lately are these wonderfully cute circular mirrors.
Either Captain’s mirrors or simply just a framed circular shaped mirror can do wonders for a space.
It gives a little something extra….like a sweet kiss to the room.
I don’t know what it is but they always grab my attention.
Such scene stealers they are! I love them.
Even this little pink devil just amazes me.

They always make a great statement above the fireplace.

A huge one can really make the bedroom rock.

I even adore how one is propped against the fireplace.

Such a statement in a dressing room + in gold, too. love.

i mean…why not get a little crazy, and try two!

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  1. I totally agree!! You found some great photos to prove your point!
    I have a pair of really cool round vintage mirrors flanking a large welsh cupboard in my family room that add so much sparkle, light and drama to the room!!

  2. I’m really not sure which picture I like best – they’re all gorgeous!!!

    The pink floral print table in the first photo, and the white couch in the third photo are on my MUST HAVE list now :)

  3. You really have an eye for this stuff! I actually love the first pink picture!

  4. that first image….wow!

  5. I love all these pictures obviously but those pink lampshades seriously pop. So gorgeous it’s ridiculous.

  6. Whaaa what a marvelous posting again. Do you ever sleep? xoxo

  7. Gorgeous choices, I too love a round mirror! xo

  8. Darling choices, Ashlina! The white and pink table on the first pic got my heart beating fast. All the images are so glamorous!

  9. Geometry says a lot!
    LOVING all this eye candy!
    Have a wonderful day.

  10. THANKS LADIES for all the great comments!
    don’t you just LOVE that first pink photo???? It still amazes me, each time i see it.

    and yes…i get sleep, i just swear by “scheduled” posts. ;)


  11. Oh my gosh! What incredible finds… I am lusting over them all – especially the all white room on the ocean!

  12. whenever I visit your blog, I want to change my house!!! =)

  13. I love those mirrors!
    And the pink Lamps at the first picture!
    But the best i Think is the last one, with two of the mirrors, the zebra wall and the deer antlers!
    That`s kinda crazy but so cool!!!

    Love your blog too:)

  14. Wow, they’re all beautiful but that huge round white one in the bedroom…whoa..would love that (not that it would fit in my bedroom of course!) And I know it’s not about the mirror, but that pink console table….hooley dooley.

  15. These are all so beautiful! The first one with the toile table and the image with the artichokes!

  16. I love a round mirror. I have two on my backyard fence nestled in the ivy and one black one in my home. That 3rd picture is to die-for. Love it, Happy Tuesday,Kathysue

  17. I just replaced the mirror over my dresser with a round one, it looks SO much better!

  18. Wow i absolutely LOVE all your posts- this is one of my favourites of late- INCREDIBLE. Me and my mum are total interior junkies so reading your blog is such a treat!


  19. loves that eagle console…. xo

  20. The eye candy on your blog is amazing. Beautiful pics

  21. Love it! Especially the first room, it’s beautiful!

  22. How on earth did i miss this post Ashlina!! LOVE IT LOVE IT…I am SO looking for one of those port hole mirrors…but not so easy to find…( in my price but arent they just the best! Love this post x

  23. I love the look and feel of all the photos. It is just wonderful and so peaceful..

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