loving her style: Erinn Valencich

Erinn Valencich…
most of you already know about her and have seen her work in numerous publications.
She is definitely one of my idols + person i’d die to meet.
She runs OMNIARTE design in Los Angeles, where she styles everything under the sun
including, interiors, tv, photography, events, dinner parties, etc.
She has a long list of celebrity clientele and works in many hotels.
Her work inspires me so much. I wish I was this woman!

pretty stylish, right???

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  1. Very stylish! Have a great weekend, Ashlina!

  2. Her work is gorgeous and I love her fearless use of color and patterns.

  3. BOTH of those striped wing back chairs are killing me. I want one!

  4. O love this! She has awesome style. I always look at things like this and think why can’t I put things together like that?! :)

  5. so many beautiful rooms i hadn’t seen before! thank you for sharing, i love your blog!

  6. I just wrote a post about how she changed my design aesthetic while I interned for her. Love her style.

    Check it out.


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